Romancing the days

I will post, at the very least, a dozen more times about the weather during the next three months. Get. Ready. Because Autumn is the best. It is proof there is a God who loves me. It brings out the best in the world. And IT is in the air.

As the final remnants of Karen blew through my sweet Southern town yesterday, I took the dreamiest of yoga classes as diaphanous sheets of rain fell all around. And it was as if I woke up this morning and the earth was literally washed anew. All of the humidity and heat just seemed to evaporate with the last of the puddles and ahhhhhhh. Today was romantic, simply because it was.

I have heard the key to long-term romance is gratitude. Acknowledging the very blessing it is that each other exists. Well I am romancing my days. Today was romantic because I took the time to acknowledge it was even here.  Most days I wake up, resistant, as my feet touch the cold floor. They carry me through to the next day so quickly I forget to acknowledge they landed in the first place. What a small miracle that is. Why I spend my days thinking about tomorrows that may never come, when the only guarantee at time I have is the moment I am living in, is beyond my understanding. Or perhaps it is within my understanding. It is within the context of the thoughts I am told to have: plan. prepare. progress. Never- never- just to be.

Today I am being many things. I am being grateful and gracious. I am drinking in fresh, fall air. I am making the most of circumstance, without considering why, or how, or because of whom they exist. Today I will smell every candle in the aisle at Target, but not buy a single one. I am terribly irreverent and I am driving with my windows down.  I am feeling kindred with every similar soul. The ones who infect cool air with hot beats. Whose laughter resonates from the insides of their rooms as I pass by. Today I am grateful for every passing greeting, smile, breath. Today I am alive. That is what happened.


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