23 Reasons Why 23 Year Olds Should Stop Telling Each Other What to Do


1) You’re under the age of 23

2) You’re under the age of 22

3) You’re under the age of 21

etc., etc., you get the idea.

But truly, what does it say of our generation that we take so literally the advice of people our own age? Or feel entitled to give it ourselves? Sure, its totally condonable to issue boy advice to your best gal pal, or ask your friend if that outfit makes you look fat (who cares! wear it anyway! Curves are hot!) But to be frank, I think we are too young to be so confident of what is right, and too inexperienced to be stereotyping people who act, think, or live differently then us. In fact, I hope we are always too young for that. Life is learning. I think my years are yet young enough that I should avoid thinking I have it all figured out. I’ll gladly take relationship advice from my mother, my friend’s mother, my mother’s friend, or heck, even that sage x-ray tech at the local hospital (true story). At least they have many years of living and experience under their belt. Sure, certain truths are self-evident (everyone wants to eat a whole jar of Nutella). But, for the most part, as noted by every major world religion, wisdom comes with age and experience. And I’ve found that often as people age, their opinions mellow. We all come to realize we aren’t as “right” as we once assumed. Case in point, at 10 I thought chokers were a good idea; at 21 I’ve realized they make me look like the Corpse Bride.  As a young adult I have enough people being dismissive of my actions and beliefs because of my age. The last person I want to catch flack from is someone twelve months my senior. Why don’t we all just agree we are still figuring this whole thing out? And let’s all be a bit more open minded while we do so.


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